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One of the prime responsibilities of the Mississippi State Board of Cosmetology is the investigation of complaints alleging non-compliance with any of the Laws of the State of Mississippi, which govern the practice of cosmetology and related professions or the rules and regulations of the Board.

Any person may file a complaint with the Board of Cosmetology. The complaint must be in writing, on a form prescribed by the board.

When the investigation has been completed, the complaint case will be presented to the Board, at which time the Board may: dismiss the complaint if it is felt to be non-substantiate, or admonish the accused in writing, or initiate a formal complaint and notice of hearing.

To contact the Board of Cosmetology with a complaint or violation:


Write us:
P. O. Box 55689, Jackson, Mississippi 39296-5689

Or call:
(601) 359-1820

To download a copy of the Complaint Forms, click on the link below:
Complaint Form


The Board has adopted a firm approach to violations of sanitation and licensing requirements. The goal of the board is not the discipline of licensees, but to identify and ultimately reduce the frequency of complaints and non-compliance items, and to offer the licensee an opportunity to correct that violation by responding to a Violation Citation. Failure to respond to the notice results in an Administrative Hearing, the consequence of which could be license suspension or revocation, or a fine.

If you have received a Violation Citation, and have questions regarding its disposition, you may contact the Board Office. For the rules relating to Violations, refer to Rule 110, at the following link:
Rules and Regulations.pdf

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