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What is the processing time for a new or renewed license?
Licenses are mailed 6-8 weeks from the date of qualification. The qualification date for renewals is the date the correct fee, renewal form and passport photo is received in the Board office; for new practitioners it is the date the correct fee, examination results and passport photo are received; for new salons, it is the date the approval was received from the inspector.​

How many years do I have to renew my expired practitioner license?​
A practitioner's license may be renewed up to three years after expiration. If it has not been renewed within that period, the practical examination must be taken and passed before a current license can be issued. NOTE: It is a violation to practice with an expired license. Anyone found to be doing so will be subject to disciplinary action. An application can be found on the Applications and Forms​ page.

How many years do I have to renew my expired salon license?
One year from date of expiration. After this time, you must submit a new salon application. NOTE: It is a violation to operate a salon with an expired license. Anyone found to be doing so will be subject to disciplinary action.​​

Can a barber and a cosmetologist work in the same salon?
Yes, if the salon is licensed by both the Mississippi State Board of Cosmetology and the Mississippi State Board of Barbers Examiners.​​

Are cosmetology hours transferrable to barber hours?​
A licensed cosmetologist may acquire an additional 600 hours in a licensed barber school and become eligible to take the barber examination. Statue §73-7-13. A cosmetology student cannot transfer hours to a barber school, nor can a barber student transfer hours to a cosmetology school.​

Can I work under the supervision of a shop owner as an apprentice and qualify for license without attending a cosmetology school?

Can I make a copy of my license to work in more than one salon or school?
No. If you work in more than one establishment and do not want to take your license from one place to the other, you must make application for a duplicate license. The requirements, fee and application can be downloaded from applications and forms​, Request Form.

What is a Master Cosmetologist, Master Manicurist or Master Esthetician?
Anyone who has been licensed in this state at least one year, and has acquired 16 hours of Board approved continuing education can make application to become a Master Cosmetologist at the time of their license renewal. See Statute §73-7-14, Rules and Regulations Chapter 6. The application may be downloaded from applications and forms​.

Can a student in cosmetology school work in my salon?
NO. A student is not eligible to practice in any establishment until they have completed training, been approved for examination AND work permit has been sent to the salon.​

May I have verbal permission for a student to work in my salon?
No. A student who has completed their training is eligible to work only after a Permit to Work has been received by the salon.​

Can I work in Mississippi with my out of state license?
No. You must submit an Application of Intent to apply for licensure, have a record of your training and license status sent to MSBC, and appear for a credentialing interview. Refer to Licensing Requirements​ and Applications and Forms.

If I move my salon or purchase a salon that is already in operation, what do I need to do?
Submit an Application for a new salon in accordance with Board Rules 4.2 - 4.4, and must pay the required fee. 

May I fax my application in?
You may fax the application, but, because most applications require a fee and we must have an original signature on file, we will not be able to complete processing until we have received the original application and fee.​​

Do you have a 1-800 number?
Not at this time.​

I am a cosmetologist. May I also do manicuring and esthetics services?
Yes. However, a manicurist or an esthetician cannot practice outside of their specialty.​​

May I have an extension on my payment or send in a partial payment?
The license expiration, required renewal and delinquent fees are established by law. We do not have the authority to allow extensions or to accept partial payments.​

What are the procedures for making a name or address change?
You may change your address at the time of license renewal simply by making the correction on the renewal form.​

Whom do I make my check, cashiers check or money order payable to?
The Mississippi State Board of Cosmetology. If you are submitting your application or renewal by mail, address it to: Mississippi State Board of Cosmetology, P O Box 55689, Jackson, MS 39296-5689.​​

I am moving to another state. What do I need to do?
Each state has different licensing requirements and procedures. You will need to contact the board office of the state to which you are moving and request their information and procedures. You will probably be required to get an affidavit or certification of your training and license record from Mississippi. Our affidavit processing fee is $15.00.​

Do you accept credit card payments?
No. The fees may be paid by check, money order or cashiers check. If you are paying at the board office, you may pay the exact amount with cash. No change will be made.​

How do I submit a complaint?
All complaints must be written. Refer to Complaints and Violations​ for procedures and forms.

What happens if I don't send enough money or all the documentation needed to process my application or renewal?
The cosmetology staff will immediately notify you of any documentation or fee deficiencies. You will be allowed sixty (60) days to send it to the board, without additional fee penalties. If you have not responded within that period of time, your application will be voided and any fees which you have submitted will be forfeited.​​

What happens if I send too much money?
The excess amount will be refunded to you. The processing time is usually two weeks after the close of the month in which it was submitted.​​

I have already submitted my application for license, but have changed my mind and do not want it. Can I receive a refund?
In most instances, yes. However, if you have had benefit of the license in any way, we will not grant a refund. Contact the board office with your specific request.​​

I have completed my training, submitted my application for examination and have applied for a work permit. How long will it take to process the permit?
After your application has been approved, your permit will be processed promptly.​

What is a consent agreement?​

​A consent agreement is an agreement or settlement to resolve a dispute between two parties. In this instance the Board and the license holder are entering into an agreement to settle the violations found by the inspector.

The violation is from over a year ago, is it still active?

Yes, the statute of limitations is not applicable to actions of the Board of Cosmetology.

How did they determine the fine amount?

The fine amount is determined in accordance with the Schedule of Fines found in Board Rule 1.7 and Mississippi Code Section 73-7-27(10).

Do I have to sign the consent agreement?

You are not required to sign the consent agreement. If you want to waive your right to an administrative hearing and agree with violations and the fines assessed, you can voluntarily sign the consent agreement. If you do not sign the consent agreement, you may exercise your rights as found in Section 73-7-27 of the Mississippi Code of 1972, as amended.

How do I pay the fine amount?

You may pay the fine amount with a check or money order made out to the Mississippi Board of Cosmetology. You may mail the payment to the Board of Cosmetology at P.O. Box 55689 Jackson, MS 39296-5689.

What is an Administrative Hearing?

An administrative Hearing is a trial-like proceeding before the Board or an administrative law judge. As in a trial, evidence is proffered and testimony is given. Unlike a trial, an administrative hearing is often shorter in duration, and more informal. Also the Mississippi Rules of Civil Procedure do not apply to administrative hearings.

Do I need to hire a lawyer?

You have the right to seek the advice of an attorney on disciplinary matters at your expense.

Can "job shadowing" count towards the unassigned/open clock hours?​

Time spent shadowing practitioners in the field SHALL NOT count towards the unassigned/open clock hours. The unassigned/open clock hours are to be spent on a student's needs in theroy, skill or practical.​

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