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The State Board of Cosmetology shall assess fees in the following amounts and for the following purposes:

(a) Initial license/renewal for - cosmetologist, manicurist, esthetician, or wig specialist                           $50.00
(b) Instructor initial license/renewal $80.00
(c) Master Cosmetologists license/renewal $70.00
(d) Delinquent renewal penalty - cosmetologist, manicurist, esthetician, wig specialist and instructor​ $50.00​
There shall be no renewal fee for any licensee seventy (70) years of age or older. ​​
(e) Salon application and initial inspection $85.00
(f) Salon reinspection $35.00
(g) Salon change of ownership or location, or both $85.00
(h) Salon renewal $60.00
(i) Salon delinquent renewal penalty $50.00
(j) Application and initial inspection for a new school $300.00
(k) New school reinspection $100.00
(l) School change of ownership $300.00
(m) School relocation $150.00
(n) School renewal $75.00
(o) School delinquent renewal penalty $100.00
(p) Duplicate license $10.00
(q) Penalty for insufficient fund checks $20.00
(r) Affidavit processing $15.00

The State Board of Cosmetology may charge additional fees for services which the board deems appropriate to carry out its intent and purpose. These additional fees shall not exceed the cost of rendering the service.

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