NOTICE - The Mississippi Board of Cosmetology (the "Board") has implemented new procedures for any individual who has been approved for an initial operator license.  A temporary letter of authorization to work will be sent to expedite a notice of eligibility to work.  The orginal letter must be posted in the operator's work area at all times.  A license will be mailed once processed.  

NOTICE - The Mississippi Board of Cosmetology (the “Board”) has implemented new procedures in hopes of expediting violations that are pending before the Board. Those that were found to have committed a violation will be mailed a letter, Consent Agreement, and a copy of the Violation Form. Refer to the frequently asked questions (FAQ) quick link regarding the new procedures.


Please find the most recent revision of Temporary/Emergency Rules and Regulations governing the Mississippi State Board of Cosmetology as filed with the Mississippi Secretary of State's Office Sept 22 2014 Clean.pdfSept 22 2014 Clean.pdf.

Please note: The last day Pearson VUE will be testing the Mississippi Cosmetology exams will be Wednesday, December 31, 2014. We encourage candidates to schedule as early as possible to test prior to this date. As a reminder, all candidates must present their Board-issued approval letter to sit for an exam.

Please be advised that pending successful contract negotiations, the award will be made to Professional Credential Services, Inc. for an initial contract term of two (2) years.  Continue to visit this website for future updates as they become available.

Effective November 1, 2013 the Current Rules and Regulations were filed as Temporary/Emergency Rules for the MS State Board of Cosmetology.  Please be governed by the changes. Cosm Rules and Regs 11.01.13.pdfCosm Rules and Regs 11.01.13.pdf

Effective July 1, 2013  - The following House Bills were signed into Law by the Governor to become effective July 1, 2013  HOUSE BILL - 1164 Cosmetology Laws.pdfHOUSE BILL - 1164 Cosmetology Laws.pdf HOUSE BILL NO. 1208 - Photo ID on License.pdfHOUSE BILL NO. 1208 - Photo ID on License.pdf

NEW SALON VERBAL PERMISSION - The Board of Cosmetology as establish an "emergency" rule effective June 11, 2013 which states that NO TEMPORARY VERBAL PERMISSION TO OPEN WILL BE GRANTED. THE SALON MAY NOT BEGIN OPERATION UNTIL INSPECTION HAS BEEN CONDUCTED AND SALON APPROVAL IS GRANTED.Rule 7.1 Procedure for the Opening of a new Salon.pdfRule 7.1 Procedure for the Opening of a new Salon.pdf

TESTING - ​Effective July 1, 2013, all candidates will be required to present an approval letter from the board for both initial exams and retakes.  If the letter is not presented the candidate will be turned away from the exam and forfeit the exam fees.​

LICENSURE- Effective July 1, 2013, each license issued by the Mississippi State Board of Cosmetology shall contain a head photograph of the license holder, the person's name, and the type of license held by the person; and for related purposes.  HOUSE BILL NO. 1208 - Photo ID on License.pdfHOUSE BILL NO. 1208 - Photo ID on License.pdf  The requirements shall apply at the time of issuance of a new license or at the time of renewal of an existing license.  A PASSPORT PHOTO ALONG WITH REQUIRED FEE MUST BE SUBMITTED TO THE BOARD OFFICE FOR A LICENSE TO BE PROCESSED.

​ ​​


Article Date:   5/21/2013   |   Expiration Date:   11/1/2018

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