The MS State Board of Cosmetology is dedicated to keeping you safe and healthy.  Please look over the following tips to be sure your experience as a consumer is safe.

Pay attention.  Did your Cosmetologist, Esthetician, or Manicurist sanitize the equipment before it was used on you?  Disinfecting products must be present at all times to clean scissors, combs, razors, clippers, etc.  It only takes a few minutes of the professional’s time and may prevent you from having health problems.

All products and tools used on a client should be clean and sanitary.  Single-use items such as cotton balls, paper towels, nail files and buffers, etc., should only be used once and then thrown away immediately.  Multi-use items such as shears and metal files need to be cleaned and disinfected before use.

If a blood spill occurs during any cosmetology, esthetics or nail service it must be treated immediately.  All service must stop immediately and the injured area must be cleaned with an antiseptic solution and covered with a sterile bandage.  This applies whether the injured person is you or the licensed professional you are working with.  The licensee should wear disposable latex gloves when treating any blood spill.  All contaminated tissue, cotton and other materials must be double bagged and disposed of immediately.  Before any service can continue, the licensee must disinfect all equipment and tools that came into contact with the blood.

Perms can lead to permanent skin scarring if proper safety measures are not used.  Make sure the cosmetologist has properly applied the cream and cotton around your face and neck so the permanent solution does not burn your skin.

You should know that, if a clean cape is not used on each client, then a clean towel, neck strip or other similar item must be used between your skin and the cape.

Before you get your nails done, make sure the technician has completely sanitized the nail table and equipment.  Nail infections can easily be spread if proper sanitation is not used.  Ask the manicurist to sanitize the table and equipment before manicuring your nails.  It only takes a few minutes of your time and may prevent a long visit to the doctor’s office.

Some manicurists use electric drills/files when doing artificial nails or manicures.  Before you allow anyone to use an electric drill/file on your nails, ask some questions.  Find out if they have attended any training in the use of electric drill/file.  In addition, ask how much experience they have or how often they have used the electric drill/file.  Make sure they are experienced.  An electric drill/file can quickly damage or destroy a nail if not used correctly by an experienced professional.  Make sure all attachments are clean and sanitary before being used on your nails.

See Chapter 7 of the Rules and Regulations for more information.

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