Continuing Education

The Board Interpretation of Rule 6.2 regarding Continuing Education is as follows:

All online Continuing Education must be pre-approved by the Board 45 days prior to the date for which the course or program is scheduled using the Continuing Education Provider Request form.

The only approved online providers are Milady and Pivot Point.  You must select either Milady OR Pivot Point within a biennial period.   The Board will only approve five (5) hours of Method of Teaching online.

All other Continuing Education hours must be earned at Board approved and Board monitored events.

Licensed Master Cosmetologist/Estheticians/Manicurists and licensed Instructors are required by the Mississippi Legislature to obtain continuing education hours.  These hours are obtained at continuing education seminars and events, which receive approval from the Board.

Dual license holders shall declare for which license they are attending continuing education.  The hours acquired can only be applied towards one (1) license.  In the event that a designation is not made, the hours will be applied to the license with the closest expiration date.  Once the hours are acquired for that license, all other hours will be applied to the other license.

  • Master – 8 CEU Hours biennially
  • Instructor – 24 CEU Hours biennially

Download an application:

You may not provide cosmetology, manicure, or esthetician services in the State of Mississippi without a current and valid Mississippi license.

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