Who We Regulate

MS State Board of Cosmetology regulates:

  • Hair Care
    (styling, wrapping, arranging, twisting, weaving, extending, fusing, dressing, curling, waving, permanent waving, singeing, cleaning, shampooing, cutting, bleaching, setting, coloring, straightening, relaxing, fitting, massaging, or similar work upon on the hair and scalp of a person)
  • Skin Care of Esthetics
    (beautifying, massaging, cleansing, exfoliating, stimulating, applying oils, creams, cosmetic preparations, make-up, facial treatments, body treatments, body wraps, antiseptics, scrubs, clays, lotions, masks, waxes or other preparations for the non-invasive care of the skin)
  • Nail Care
    (cutting, filing, trimming, shaping, polishing, coloring, removing polish, tinting, air-brushing, decorating, cleansing or otherwise beautifying a person’s fingernails or toenails; applying and removing artificial nails; or massaging, cleansing and exfoliating a person’s hands, arms, feet and legs)
  • Removal of superfluous hair by non-permanent means
  • Education, equipment, safety and sanitation in salons and schools

In no case may the above procedures be invasive or medical treatment.

MS State Board of Cosmetology does NOT regulate:

  • Barbers (Regulated by MS Board of Barber Examiners – 601-359-1015)
  • Electrolysis, Permanent Hair Removal (Regulated by MS State Board of Medical Licensure – 601-987-3079
  • Tanning (Regulated by MS Department of Health – 601-576-7400)
  • Body Piercing and Ear Piercing (Regulated by MS Department of Health – 601-576-7400)
  • Permanent Makeup, Tattooing, Microblading (Regulated by MS Dept of Health – 601-576-7400)
  • Massage Therapy (Regulated by Massage Therapy Board – 601-732-6038)
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