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Who can do eyebrow threading, eyelash extensions, and makeup?

HB 1312 successful passed the Legislature this past session and was signed by the Governor, effective upon passage. Accordingly, it is now the law in MS. HB 1312 reenacted all of the Cosmetology Laws in the State of MS with 3 exceptions. The laws regulating and requiring licensing for cosmetologists, estheticians, manicurists, salons, schools and school instructors in MS are alive and well today and will be continued to be enforced by the Board.

However, there are 3 exceptions. The practice of makeup artistry standing alone, the practice of threading standing alone and the practice of applying and removing eyelash extensions standing alone have all been deregulated. The Board of Cosmetology no longer has jurisdiction over these three practices.

For example, if all you would like to do is the practice of threading and nothing more, your practice will not be regulated in MS. The same with makeup artistry and with eyelash extensions.

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